Dr. Bredice is neither the first nor the last specialist in putting athletes back on the running trails and track, just simply the best. His professionalism, expertise, unique understanding of the recreation player, beginning athlete and future Olympian far surpasses any doctor in his field.

I am a lifelong runner and someone that has coached over 38,000 runners since 1965 on the high school, college and running dub level. This number includes over 30,000 finishers of the Los Angeles Marathon alone.

I take my love and concern for every athlete I coach and without one reservation, will send my client, athlete, friend and family member for his advice and treatment. For over 10 years I have recommended his service to hundreds of people. Without acceptation, they come away not only cognizant of the injury, treated to cure the injury and most importantly, Dr Bredice identifies the cause and makes the correction so that it will not return. I experienced this first hand 10 years ago with a serious back problem that curtailed my ability to race and run. Dr. Bredice corrected my problem and in the lower back disability has not returned. Dr. Bredice is a former world dass athlete and from his athletic experience he has taken himself to be a world dass specialist in mending the mind and body.

Coach Pat Connelly

"I have suffered from chronic pain in my neck and lower back for years. Dr. Bredice is the first doctor who accurately assessed my problems and provided treatment that ACTUALLY HELPED. To say he is knowledgeable is a gross understatement. He has made it his life's mission to understand everything about the human body and to pass this knowledge along to his patients in practical, relatable terms. I trust him implicitly and ask his advice for all my medical issues."

Kelly Leffler