About Our Team


(Office Administrator)
Gina has worked in the Medical/Chiropractic field managing office's for the past 20 plus years. Gina has strong organization, communication and relationship building skills. Gina can assist in all aspects of a professional office including worker's comp and personal injury.


Raven is our friendly receptionist that welcomes our patients with a friendly smile! Raven graduated from Everest College has been a medical receptionist for the past 5 years. She provides excellent customer service with a professional yet friendly attitude and is fully trained in our office policies.


Originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, Shelby received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in Chinese medicine. Shelby started as our full time receptionist and now works part time while attending school, she is 1/3 of the way through her masters program and looks forward to graduating and healing others. She is fully trained on our front office policies and we enjoy having her on board.


(Insurance Billing)
Jeannette is highly trained in insurance billing and our office policies. Jeannette can assist with any insurance questions including individual coverage, deductibles and any billing questions.


(Massage Therapist)
Allan graduated from Southern California Health Institute and is experienced in trigger point therapy, Swedish, deep tissue massage, sciatica massage. (ART) active release techniques, myofascia and experience with cupping. Allan is now certified and has successfully completed a training course for our state of the art NeuroMed pain management equipment.

Natalia Manko, LAc

(Acupuncture Specialist)
Natalia Manko is a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She got her degree at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine of San Diego, in 1993. Natalia originally launched her medical career in Russia. She became a Medical Doctor in 1979. Natalia specialized in the field of Pediatrics for over 10 years. She then received a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine at Moscow University of Acupuncture. She was one of the first pioneers in practicing both Eastern and Western medicines in Moscow, Russia. Natalia quickly rose to medical stardom and was the go to doctor for countless athletes and celebrities of Russia. Due to growing Antisemitism in Russia, Natalia and her family immigrated to US in 1990. Over many, many years of practicing medicine she grew convinced that Natural medicine helps heal people faster and more efficiently without getting the side effects of taking prescribed medications. Yet her knowledge of both worlds helps her see the absolute fullest picture when treating her patients.